People have problems & You need to solve them with your businesses

October 20, 2018 by Team Vivirhub

Look around you and take note of the common problems you encounter in your life.


Can you brainstorm an entirely new solution for them or can you think of a way to transform an existing solution for better effect?


Are there any existing ways through which you can resolve these problems by creating products/services that will save you time over launching an entirely new concept?


The more you practice seeing the opportunities in everyday problems, the more likely you’re to hit on the idea that’ll make you a successful entrepreneur.


As long as consumers have these problems, they will always search for the solutions. No one has time so people always look for faster, better, and smarter ways to accomplish everyday tasks. And fortunately for fresh entrepreneurs, there are still lots of rooms for improvements in existing services/products.


The biggest issue for most founders is to find these painful problems and solve them with the best solutions possible.


Here, we are sharing a couple pieces of insight to get you started:


  1. Turn water problems into your start-up

Today, the world is facing water problem. Some of the major problems are water scarcity, shortages of clean water and waterborne diseases.


You might think of water solutions as a public service. Although your city may still supply you water service, the business of water is a big industry. The annual revenue for water industry has exceeded $600 billion.


The Surprising Performance of Water Start-ups


How do water start-ups fare versus other industries start-ups? It turns out comparatively water start-ups have been high performers.


In a survey, the time to profitability for water start-ups against a set of 3,500 start-ups has been compared. The survey team has analyzed closely across electronics, agriculture, nutrition, energy, life sciences, and infrastructure. Those 3,500 start-ups offer a wide range of solutions, from materials to devices, IT and services.


At five years, 14% of water start-ups reached profitability, slightly lagging the 17% overall average. After 10-year check-in, 31% and later by year 15, 50% of water start-ups were profitable.


So, you can consider turning water problems into your start-up. Visit the list of 20 water start-ups and pick the one suit you the best.


  1. Waste disposal management start-up

The world is facing a huge waste management crisis today. Developed countries are safe from this but developing countries still facing this critical issue, this is a big setback to them. Poor waste disposal management leads to a decline in quality of life in the aspects of hygiene and health. Instead, it can be used as a potential source of energy and recycled stuff, if utilized properly.


The foremost thing to do, before starting a waste management business, is to understand your niche. Depending upon budget, you can select your niche or a combination of 2 or more types of wastes disposal management. There are several types of waste materials and products; each of these wastes requires different means and procedures for disposal.


Wasting your waste is a bad idea. So, you can choose waste disposable business as your start-up. Some of the different types of waste disposal start-ups are:


  • Electronic waste disposal start-up
  • Green waste disposal start-up
  • Construction waste disposal start-up
  • Hazardous or toxic waste disposal start-up
  • Medical Waste disposal start-up
  • Biomedical Waste disposal start-up
  • Nuclear waste disposal start-up
  • Household Waste disposal start-up
  • Chemical waste disposal start-up
  • Industrial rubbish removal start-up

These can also be categorized as household waste disposal and commercial waste disposal business. It’s totally up to you that how well you understand your market to capture it.


  1. Start-ups in healthcare are worth exploring

Today, the healthcare sector is an amazing place for aspiring youth for a start-up. Exploring healthcare business ideas is a smart choice for lots of reasons.


There’s an opportunity to do a world of good by serving an aging population and helping those struggling with the drug crisis. There are lots of new medical and technological advances, and widespread interest in fitness, health, and wellness, too. And those are all great incentives for passionate aspiring youth.


Below given list of healthcare start-up ideas should get you started – and hopefully, inspire you to explore starting a business.


Some healthcare start-up ideas to consider:


  • Medical Transcription Services
  • Medical Records Management
  • Develop a Healthcare App
  • Home Healthcare Service
  • Medical Billing Service
  • Acupuncture and Massage Alternative Healthcare
  • Alternative Healthcare
  • Medical Supply Sales
  • Uniforms for Medical Professionals
  • Respite Care Service for Caregivers


There are a lot of potential openings for founders interested in the healthcare sector – and many opportunities for healthcare start-up ideas to become real, sustainable businesses.


Be sure to check regulations licensing, professional training, diplomas or degrees needed for these start-ups before you get started, and don’t forget to do lots of market research.


  1. A Clean Tech Start-up

Clean-tech businesses seek to leverage the power of the latest technology in order to profitably solve the world’s energy problems.


Earth Day presents start-ups with the opportunity to showcase their green tech efforts and inspire consumers to take action.

Innovative and right uses of technology can help reduce the environmental impacts of extraction, harvesting, and use of our natural resources.


Check out these top green clean-tech start-up ideas that are incentivizing the green revolution:


Despite Setbacks, Moving Forward in Clean Tech

  • Recycling e-Waste
  • Tidal Power
  • Green IT
  • Green Concrete
  • Green Building Materials
  • Modular Nuclear Power
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Waste to Energy
  • Algae Biofuel
  • Algae food
  • Thin-film Solar
  • Molten Salt Storage
  • Solar Tower
  • Custom Biofuels
  • Electric Cars
  • Smart Meters
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Fuel Cells
  • Rooftop Wind Power
  • Biochar

Clean-tech business can fix Climate Change. It is where a large number of founders are going. We don’t think that sitting back and waiting for “somebody else” to do it for your earth is a good idea.




Take action when and where you can.


Now it’s up to you to choose the best start-up option. You now know which global problems the world is facing. All you have to do is to consider a suitable start-up and help people with it.


However, we would recommend that you choose the start-up idea you personally care most about, rather than the one the world considers most primary.


Starting a business with what you are passionate about means you are more likely to stick with and put everything you’ve into your start-up, i.e., resulting in a more fulfilling experience for you.