Developer-as-a-Service is channelizing a new future of IT Startups

May 10, 2018 by Team Vivirhub

Over my long experience in IT industry, I have seen many startups growing up and then failing. It is really surprising to know that 90% of the startups shut down in their first 3 years itself. Some of the reasons for their struggle and disruption are lack of funding, not managing proper cash flow and many more.. But the thing, which bothers me is that where’s the solution and will this ‘developer as a service’ model deliver what it promises. Let’s dive deep….

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My curiosity delving around the ups and downfall of startups in web development marketplace eventually led to doing some in-depth analysis and investigations. I explored various articles, blogs and other case studies on this topic, of which about 60% of them were opinionated and only a few had done some really hard research.

Being a business owner have you ever asked these questions to yourself?

  • I’m feeling frustrated when I’ve to pay extra money when my developer or agency exceed their quoted estimate to build my software
  • I’m not fully clear on what I am paying for
  • Being a startup and small agency owner its very hard to commit a large budget because we’re not well funded yet
  • I’m so burned out with paying the additional cost to developers

I have seen most of the clients complaining that while development, when you want to add a new feature you think will make site/app result oriented then developers always say “it’s not in the spec, we’ll have to requote for that it will add additional cost and time for those features”. You’ve no option left behind and have to pay that additional cost.

Whether you choose hourly or fixed price project, there are chances where you will feel pain when you pay extra money when your developers exceed their quoted estimate to build your software. That’s a reality. The software is expensive; it’s very hard to commit to a large budget, especially if you’re not well-funded. Unfortunately, many freelancers or agencies don’t care your situation because they are too busy in making money form themselves.

As I said in my previous article that “TIME HAS CHANGED, AND THE WAY YOU PAY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT”

The scenario demands change…. A revolutionary change… Something which is transparent, fair and genuine.

In this era of “Subscription Based Services” when everything starting from the platform, software, retail, cloud computing… even movies ( Netflix ) are also going monthly subscription-based services then why not software development or the developers? This immediately calls for a new ray of hope in the darkness which is “developer as a service” or you can put in this way as “development as a service”.

What is Daas?

Developer-as-a-service is just like a pay-as-you-go model. You use the services of the developer when required and pay only for what you have been delivered. In fact, you have the power to interview and select the perfect one for your project.

And How it will help me?

By choosing development as a service or developer as a service, you are sure that you are getting the quality work at the right price within your budget. I sure.. Developer-as-a-service model is the future of tomorrow. Have a look why.

1. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan anytime

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription anytime if your product is completed or if you’re simply out of the budget. Of course, we want our customers to continue when projects are completed even if it means they downgrade to a less expensive plan as we can work on adding new features, bug fixes, incremental improvements etc.

2. Reduces Financial Cost

With this model, you get an immediate access to top-notch pool of developers. The developers are highly professional, fully acquainted with new technologies and seasoned. This significantly reduces your annual cost which you incur overtraining your employees to new technologies. Further zero costs to recruitments, staff management, and payroll!!!

3. You can focus on marketing strategies and build customer relationships

By outsourcing all your developmental needs, you are now free to concentrate on other niches such as digital marketing, promotion etc. You get ample time to market your product, thus boosting your ROI.

4. Seamless communication

The complete process is transparent and the communication channel followed is seamless and direct. The developer reports to you or your team directly via live communications …emails, chats or phone calls.

5. Easy payment model

You can hire the top talents on-demand, that too at pay-as-you-go model. What better can you ask for?  No additional cost, no over budgeting and no overheads!!!

The Conclusion

It’s Time to hit the Accelerator pedal

After deeply analyzing this model, I was sufficiently convinced to use this model in my upcoming projects. and I was keen on recording my client’s experiences.

Not a surprise, but “developer as a service” did exactly what it promised..  zero project delays, incredible bug-free & quality driven projects, Happy Clients …J

At VivirHub, we offer an amazing platform for you to convert even your most bizarre and weirdest of ideas into reality… Yes, we have so many in our database and continue to do it successfully.

Vivirhub follows hassle-free billing. I know the pains related to hourly billing and fixed price billing. So, I have got a monthly subscription based billing model. You are free to choose the developer alongside you to get a perfectly customized monthly subscription plan falling exactly in your budget.

Share your thoughts in comments !!!