6 Things Every Small Business Website Needs?

April 22, 2018 by Team Vivirhub

If you are startup and new to online presence then do not consider your website as an electronic business card.  Don’t treat your website as an online brochure, etc.  Your website is an essential part of your business and helps you to create a strong brand, loyal customers, brand visibility.

You can use your website as a lead generation machine if you market it properly and in the correct ways.


 Website marketing  –> More visitors on your website

 More visitors to your website  –> More Leads

 More Leads  –>  More Sales

 More Sales  –> Brand Visibility & Gain Loyal Customers


So if you want to increase your brand visibility and want to gain loyal customers then you have to have following things on your website:


1. How To Get Start With Basics

  • Simple and easy domain name, it should be related to business.
  • Clean and attractive company logo & other pictures.
  • Features products and services must be visible on home page.
  • Neat & clean UI/UX. It should not be messy and busy.
  • Should follow coding standards
  • Good hosting provider

2. Google Analytic

  • You should install google analytic plugin in your website to see hourly, daily & weekly traffic on your website.


 3.  News & Blog Sections

  • CONTENT IS KING now days. You should take this statement seriously and start blogging in early stages to increase your brand visibility and online marketing.

4. Responsive (Mobile) Compatibility

  • Now days you will find the majority of your customers on the smartphones. Your website must be mobile compatible to capture all kind of users.
  • Get a mobile app too.

5. Call To Action (CTA)

To get an immediate response from your client you must have multiple CTAs on all the pages of your website so that customers can submit their contact details easily and you can get new lead/customer.

6. Social Media Accounts

Integrate all your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.) with your website to get more followers.